Pete Hilton

IMG_0060I grew up in the small town of Owosso, Michigan. It is located about 25 miles northeast of the state’s capital, Lansing. I bought my first bass guitar at a pawn shop at the age of 15, and by 17, I decided I wanted to convert it to fretless by building a replacement neck for it with the help of my father. So I took all the measurements from the existing neck and then handed it over to my dad to watch him do most of the work.

During the mid 90s  while playing bass in a band and doing a little bit of touring across the country, I bought, sold, and traded basses in search of something lighter weight and more comfortable to play. A few years later while doing set up work on friends’ guitars and basses, the thought of building and designing an instrument started to become a reality. Coming from a family of woodworkers I had all the tools around me, so I gave it a shot. After a couple years of building by trial and error I reached out to the person who inspired me since the age of 17 – the person who would become my friend and mentor – Carl Thompson.

Well, to make a long story short, after a few visits to Carl’s shop and showing him the work I was doing, I packed my bags and headed to NYC to apprentice under him. Within a couple years of working for Carl, he gave me his blessing to take my work to the next level, which is everything you see on this site.

My objective is to carry on this traditional craft of guitar building, and to always keep it new and moving forward.